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TPN provides the highest conversion rates, the highest commission plans and accurate transparent reporting to its partners.

There is more to gaining high conversion rates than writing a line on a web site. It requires attention to detail from the start, constant supervision of the real time lender integration, continuous communication with lenders to deliver trusted traffic and ongoing innovation to ensure every lead stands a chance of being converted.


TPN is a compliance led network with strict lead quality control measures. All TPN’s lenders benefit from controlled lead flow with the technical option to exclude traffic by source where conversion to loan isn’t optimal or any fraud is evident.

Our objective is to work with each lender to understand their desired conversion to loan rates for accepted traffic and to exceed these rates.

About Us

The TPN team have been active in the UK Payday Loans sector since its inception, have shaped it and developed most current methods for driving income through it.

We encouraged major lenders like PaydayExpress, CashGenie, OneMonthloan and Wonga to work with affiliate networks and led the development of their integration to this environment.

We are trusted by affiliates, lenders and all connected businesses equally.

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  • What We Do
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Easy Integration

Simply put, we provide an easy plug and play way for affiliates to market the highly rewarding Payday Loans product and the support and knowledge to assist them to utilise their expertise in marketing in this space – Mark Kennedy CEO.

Beneath this we maintain a rigorously efficient lead maximisation platform, which ensures that every lead generated has the best chance of conversion. This gives a strong experience to the consumer and better returns to the affiliate.

This is offered to our affiliates with 24/7 access to our knowledge and support to help partners develop profitable programmes in Payday marketing.

Lead tracking is central to any Affiliate Network but as usual it is important to expand on the theme to offer everything partners want.

Leads can be submitted with the affiliate code tagged to the customer details via the iframe, XML POST or by directly address one our our sites with the tagging after the URL. Variable text can be added to this to indicate a sub affiliate or a track against a specific campaign.

The TPN team developed the first easy to use iframes used in the Payday Affiliate sector and the first Affiliate Partner facing web service to support inbound XML POST of data.

We support these and a range of simple methods which allow the most non technical affiliate to quickly and easily plug into the functionality needed to market payday loans.

Mark Kennedy has been the driving figure in Payday Affiliate Marketing expansion for 5 years.

Mark drove the growth in UK Payday Lenders supporting Affiliate Networks, convincing Wonga, Cashgenie, Onemonthloan, PaydayExpress and many others to undertake extensive development.

He further expanded the UK lender base through direct sales to US based lenders bringing them to the UK.

Mark notably developed the decline data monetisation technique now used by all and which benefits affiliates hugely.

At TPN, Mark continues to innovate to grow revenues for our affiliates.

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